Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to setup Initiators in NetApp

As Initiator is related LUN, you set it up under the LUNs tree. Choose the tab Initiator Groups.

Click the Create button.

This brings up the Create Initiator Group dialog box. In this box, I’ve specified the name, and choose the OS.

Notice you must choose the type, as naturally the initiator value is different.


And in this tab you specify the members. I’ve only 1 ESX so I’ve added that below.


Once the initiator group is created, you can use it to map to the LUN.

So select a LUN, then click edit to add the initiator group. In this case, I’ve precreated 2 groups, so both appears here.

Be careful in setting the LUN ID. It must be unique, so plan in advance if you have many LUNs and many ESXi


That’s basically it. Do a rescan and it will appear on the ESX. Below is what I got after I did the rescan.



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