Saturday, April 28, 2012

How to setup an integrated software token for View iPad client

If you setup the embedded RSA software token, you only need to enter the PIN. The embedded token will generate the passcode for you. So you no longer need to copy paste. This increases usability from user point of view, and make the login process smoother.


First, you need to download from EMC RSA, the TokenConverter program. You can download it freely from EMC, but you need to register first.

Here is the download page:

From there, click on the link:

After registration, here is the software you need to download.


In the example below, I’ve downloaded and unzip the software into a directory. I also saved my token file (*.sdtid file), given my IT department, in the same directory.


The command to execute is below. The tokenfile.txt is the output file, you can name it whatever you want. It will only consist of the “URL”, which you then copy to your iPad.

I specified –p 8029 as that IT sets a password to my token file.


The output file tokenfile.txt looks something like this: com.rsa.securid://ctf?ctfData=200012288888861073511117714535255644265676670025047324406172127616014406111174444

Don’t copy the above, as I’ve changed the numbers J


Launch your View client in iPad.

In the External Token, fill the 3 fields below.

Token Description is just plain text. I called mine “iwan”. This is only useful if you have multiple token.

In the URL, paste that long ctf string that you get in your output file.

If your IT specified a password when giving you the token file, you must key in here. So in my case, I keyed in 8029 again.


Here is what it looks like after I installed it. I


And here is the result as a user. Notice I just need to key in the PIN. The code is automatically generated. So I no longer have to do the following:

1.      Press the home button in iPad.

2.      Find the RSA apps, and manually launch the RSA app

3.      Key in the PIN in RSA

4.      Copy the code

5.      Switch to the View client app.

6.      Paste the code


So 5 steps were eliminated and it becomes an integrated process. No more dealing with 2 apps J




  1. Any information about how to actually make the token before all of this? That's where I'm struggling to find documentation.

  2. Hi Phil, apology, nope I have not been working on the blog. Hopefully will find time to move it out of Blogger as I get technical error and no help from Blogger. I have not solved how to do the migration, which is why this blog is collecting virtual dust now...