Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to create LUN in NetApp

To create a LUN in NetApp, select LUNs from the tree to bring up the LUN screen.

Click on Create button, as shown on the screen below.  The LUN Wizard dialog box will appear.

Click Next.


The next screen is to type the LUN name and size. Make sure you choose VMware from the Type drop down field, as the default is not VMware. I chose thin provisioned here. Not sure what the impact as the Volume is already thin provisioned and dedupe. Notice dedupe is not done at LUN level, but volume level.


A LUN must be placed in a volume. Since I’ve created the volume earlier, I’d choose an existing volume. Clicking the browse button will bring up the volume tree.


The next screen is to map the LUN to ESX (initiators, specifically). I will cover the initiator creation on separate entry.


That’s basically it. This is the summary screen before it begins the creation.


And here is the result. It takes a few seconds to create the LUN.


That’s it.


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