Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How Chargeback 2.0 calculates cost

I can’t find info on how Chargeback computes cost, so I setup a simple Fixed cost to answer these questions:
  • Does Chargeback prorate? I mean if I setup $24/day and $1/hour, is it the same thing?
    • Answer is Yes. And you can configure this by ticking the Prorate checkbox.
  • When it prorates, if I setup $300/month, does it differ between month with 31 day and month with 28 days?
    • Answer is Yes. Chargeback does not assume a simple 30 day average.
  • If I setup multiple Fixed Cost, does it provide breakdown in the report, since it does not provide breakdown at the Dashboard?
    • Answer is yes.
Part 1 is easy to test. Below is the test of Part 2 and 3.

I setup 2 Fixed Cost as shown below. One is $300/month, the other is $30/month.

I waited for 1+ day, then run a report that use it.
The report cut off is 23:59 hours.
Based on the actual report below, this particular report covers 1+ day. To be precise, it is 1 day 4 hours 38 minutes. This is 28:38 hours.
I ran the report in Dec, which has 31 days.
When I divide $300 / 31 days / 24 hours / 60 minutes, I get the per minute cost.
Multiplying the above per minute cost with 28:38 hours, I got $11.546.

If I use 30 days, I did not get $11.54.

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