Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chargeback 2.0: Cost Template and Fixed Cost

Cost Template serves 2 purposes:
  • Group multiple Fixed Costs so you can apply them as 1 instead of choosing them one by one.
  • Provides adjustment to Base Rate.
Based on the above, Cost Template is optional.

Below is the Fixed Cost screen. I have 3 Fixed Costs below.

Below is the Cost Template screen. I have 2 Cost Template here. The “ABC Corp” cost template has 2x multiplier for CPU and 0.5x multiplier (a discount basically) for Disk Write.

1 Fixed Cost can only be associated to 1 Cost Template. Once a Fixed Cost is assigned to a Cost Template, it will not be available to other Cost Template
Notice from the screenshot below: The only Fixed Cost available is “Fixed Cost: Admin Fee”. The other 2 Fixed Costs are not made available.

In vCenter Chargeback 2.0, there is no more concept of “local” and “global”.
You can also prorate the cost. I have not tested the non prorate to find out whether it charges in advance or in arrear.

You might notice in the Cost Template, I have “Disk Write” only. So where is “Disk Read” or even “Disk Read/Write”?

The answer is “Computing Resources”, under the “Settings” tab.
In this global settings, I have disable them. This is useful in situation where you are not doing complex chargeback, and do not want all these details get shown or accidentally used.

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