Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chargeback 2.0: report

The screenshow below shows a sample report for 51 VMs. It shows 0 host as this hierarchy is not based on the host/cluster hierarchy.

The data center “Mgmt Products” have multiple folders, and I’ve expanded 1 of them so it lists the VM. You can’t expand a VM to see more breakdown (example: to see the cost of each Fixed Cost if there are multiple of them).

Some of the VMs are powered off, so they only incur disk storage cost.

There is no Fixed Cost associated with this Cost Model.

As I select “Mgmt Products”, the charts on the right is about this selection. So the Entity is “Mgmt Products” data center. It has 9 children. The pie charts will only show 6, so it will automaticaly group the smallest ones and call it “Othe..”

The “Base at zero” checkbox will set the axis to be 0, so the chart will look flat as a result.


The charts will not “expand” so it can be difficult to guess which children are which. Below is the screenshot when I give the charts more space. Luckily if you mouse over it will show the entire full name.


You can export the report as CSV file. The outcome is naturally a flatten hierarchy.

If you need to recreate the hierarchy, luckily there is “Parent” column. The “Parent Report Entity Id” field links a child to its parent. For example, you can see here that there are 2 Datacenters: “Mgmt Products” and “Testing & Development”. This is because their “Parent Report Entity Id” field is 1.

If you’re not interested to show the hierarchy and actually just want the VMs, you can filter as there is a field called “Entity Type”. It looks like “Folder” as entity type 5 and VM has entity type 0.

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