Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How to import a vSphere Authentication Proxy Server Certificate to ESXi

To authenticate the vSphere Authentication Proxy server to ESXi, upload the proxy server certificate to ESXi.

You use the vSphere Client user interface to upload the vSphere Authentication Proxy server certificate to ESXi

The screenshot belows shows how to do it. First, click the “Import Certificate” link.

The dialog box shown by rectangle 2 will show up.

CAM is the vSphere Authentication Proxy Server itself. I think CAM stands for Computer Account Management, but it does not feel correct.

Please note that in the picture above, my ESXi is already part of domain. So by right I should have imported the certificate first.


When you join the domain, check the tick box “Use CAM Service” and enter the IP address of the CAM server. From the screenshot below, you can tell that it does not support IPv6 yet!

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