Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chargeback 2.0: mapping cost to entity

The screenshot below shows how you map/assign/give a Cost Model to Entity. Entity can have multiple levels or structure in a Hierarchy. Here is showing a hierarchy named “VC Hierarchy”.

You can apply multiple Cost Model. This is really handy as sometimes we don’t know which Cost Model will be the right one in the long run. You can also have internal and external models, where internal is a model you don’t want your customer to see, where external is what you give to them.

The Cost Model has Duration, another word it can be effective dated. If you key in the From and To field, you can get the cost configuration for that period. It would be nice if future version shows us all the cost configurations that we set.

The next field is the “Apply a Cost Template”. It is an optional step as you can assign Fixed Costs and Rate Factors directly in the “Update cost configuration” section.

If you choose it, it will automatically fill the Rate Factors and Fixed Costs tab.

1 Cost Model can only have 1 Cost Template. But if the Cost Template does not exactly meet your requirement, you can change or overwrite it.

The Rate Factors have “Historical Values”. Be careful here, once you set it you can’t delete it. In the screenshot below, there is no way to delete that historical value for the CPU. So I set it to 1 so it will not impact any calculation.


The Fixed Costs tab shows the Fixed Costs that are mapped/assigned to this Entity. I’m not sure what happens if you choose “All” in the Propagate column. It has VMs, Hosts and vApps as entity types. Remember that a Fixed Cost is generic. It has no field for entity type. So a Fixed Cost can be applied to VM, Host or vApp. You might have a Fixed Cost called “VM Back up” and can still apply it to ESXi host. In the screenshot below, if you choose “All”, does it mean the Fixed Cost will be applied to vApps also? That can mean double charging. Since vApp is essentially a resource pool, why resource pool is not listed? If you know the answer please let me know.


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