Sunday, December 25, 2011

Installing vSphere PowerCLI 5

PowerCLI is a key component in vSphere 5. Every VMware Admin should learn and use this flexible tool.
First step is to install it on your admin client. I think you can thinapp it too, although I need to check with Ron Wang (VMware ASEAN desktop specialist) on this.

The installation is pretty easy. Along the way, you will see a warning below.
Just click continue on the above.
The next couple of screens are pretty simple. Pretty much follow the wizard. You can change location

And soon you will see a screen like this.

At the end of installation, you will see this screen.

That’s it. The next step is to install some sort of GUI tool. I use Quest PowerGUI.


  1. Iwan - I usually just install the VI client and PowerCLI (and VIX). Make sure you are running PowerShell V2 or later before installing PowerCLI. V2 is included with Win 7, but can be downloaded for most other Windows OS's -

    Also, have you looked at PowerVI? It is a product my company makes that lets you run your PowerCLI scripts from the vSphere client against your target VMs or ESX hosts. It comes with about 100 PowerCLI scripts out of the box, but it is easy to add others.

    More info at including a video.

  2. Hi, thanks for the link and info. Much appreciate it. I went to check it. Nice that it is integrated with the classic vSphere client. I guess you know this, we're moving away from that client and into web client, and I guess one fine day the classic client might be deprecated.