Saturday, April 7, 2012

Can you storage vMotion the vCenter VM itself?

I got a question from customer on that. Interesting question, and my thought is it should be, as it’s transparent to it. The operation done by the storage vMotion, is independent of the operation used by vCenter to do its management (e.g. monitoring hosts). I don’t think vpxd and vpxa will be affected.


Anyway, since I needed to upgrade the lab (NetApp & EMC are upgrading their respective arrays. Thank you William, Ken, Scott!), I had to move a lot of VM. Below is the core infrastructure. The lab is called VMSG, stands for VMware Singapore.

So I did storage vMotion for all the VMs below. It took some time, as I’s migrating multiple VMs (I let them run in parallel, in queue).


The vCenter is called VMSG-VC-004, and I moved it from an NFS datastore to the ESXi local datastore.



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