Thursday, February 2, 2012

Capacity Planning: Projecting for 1 year

As part of annual planning, you normally need to project for next year. vCenter Operations 5 lets you see next year projection.


To do that, you need to change the timeline in Configuration dialog box. The default setting is Weekly. In the screenshot below, I’ve changed the “Summary trend intervals” to Yearly.

In the report internal, you can also set it to Yearly, so the Report show next year too.


So in the above screenshot, I’ve set it to Yearly. As a result, the Summary page changed. Instead of seeing “Next Half Year” column, you will see “Next Year”. I’ve highlighted


The above screenshot shows from “Remaining” perspective. What if you want to see the other side, which is from deployed perspective? You can do that by selecting Deployed from the perspective field.

You will notice that the columns show “Last 2 years” instead. If I set the configuration to be Daily, then this column would be “Last 2 days” instead.


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