Thursday, May 20, 2010

Virtualising Tier 1 Applications

I did a presentation on the above. It was a short presentation (45 min), so the focus is on the overall approach.

Since there are many requests for the slide, I thought of sharing it here for a wider audience. Hope you find it useful. You can download it here.


  1. hi e1, g8 presentation. i came across this whitepaper title in yr presentation. named "Microsoft Exchange 2010 on VMware Best Practice Guide"

    I'm not able to find it. Any chance you can direct me for the link to download.

    i'd tried google the title and did search in VMware search as well.


  2. Hi,
    Glad you find it useful.

    That's available at Partner Central, the website for VMware partner.

    If you are a customer, kindly get it from your VMware Account Manager. If you are not sure who your AM is, just email me at "e1 at vmware dot com" from your company email and I will forward to the correct team.

    All the best in virtualising Exchange 2010 :-)